We hope to use the strength of a team, today’s advanced applications of network and social network to spread the products’ designs, and then, make a contribution to the promotion of leather hand-making. Hand-making is a process, and each work is unique. As the men engaging in leather hand-making, we understand it is not easy to obtain the pleasure and sense of satisfaction from the persons who appreciate the works which you design and make by yourselves, and it is just the reason why we establish < LeatherMob>, which is aimed at contacting the works with the persons in question, and this platform will serve as the common home of them.

Good leather works and teaching shall not be buried, so LeatherMob will collect teaching and information of leather and share them with the leather workers. Meanwhile, we will also share the excellent works made by leather hand-making designers and practical teaching with each lover of leather hand-making. Welcome to provide us with new works or the information of leather shows.