European Frence Style Pricking Iron, ISVARA (Reverse direction)

France Style Pricking Iron


Material: Quality High carbon and high chromium stainless steel
Thickness: 8mm
Total length: 120mm
Width of teeth/Stype : 1.45mm (2.7mm) , 1.6mm (3.0mm) , 1.75mm (3.38mm), 1.85mm (3.85mm/4.0mm)

The body, which is integrally molded by a precision machine, is rich in design, and the handle is thinned out to lower its center of gravity and realize stable hole punching work.

The blade edge is carefully polished by a craftsman manually to make a precise pitch, ensuring smooth blade passage and release.

There are seven sizes ranging from 1.93 mm to 4.0 mm.

Type: Reverse direction

- 1.93mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 10 Prongs
- 2.25mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 10 Prongs
- 2.45mm : 2 Prongs / 6 Prongs / 12 Prongs
- 2.7mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 11 Prongs
- 3.0mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 10 Prongs
- 3.35mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 9 Prongs
- 3.85mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 8 Prongs
- 4.0mm : 2 Prongs / 5 Prongs / 8 Prongs

1 prong, size shared used as below:
- 1 Prong : 1.93 / 2.45 / 2.7 mm (Shared Use)
- 1 Prong : 3.0 / 3.38 mm (Shared Use)
- 1 Prong : 3.85 / 4.0 mm (Shared Use)

The price is for 1 x Stitching punch Tool ( Not for Full Set )


1. Make sure the tool is driven and pulled out in a vertical direction to leather.
2. Please work on a rubber pound board.
3. If the prong gets stuck deep in a rubber plate, make sure pull it out in a vertical direction. Do not shake or twist the handle from side to side, which will break the prong.

It is recommended to put the teeth in wax (e.g. sewing wax, beeswax) before using for thick or hard leather.

** Another Type: Obverse direction of this pricking iron, please visit:

** Another 16prongs and 20prongs of this pricking iron, please visit:


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